Two bickering brothers, one a total slacker, the other a stickler for rules, return to their hometown of Cavendish, Canada to reunite with their estranged father after 30 years. However, weird things keep happening in town.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Andrew Bush

Director: Garry Campbell , Mark Little

Country: Canada

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 7.2

Season 1 - Cavendish
"Mark and Andy return to Cavendish where a reunion with their estranged father is marred by a peculiar superstition."
"Mark and Andy are cast in a local production of Anne of Green Gables but aren't prepared for the unusual commitment standards the director demands."
"A wax statue of Canadian icon Fred Penner brings trouble to the Museum and nearly drives Andy insane."
"When Mark wants to borrow money, Andy convinces him to get a job. Mark takes work in a traveling carnival and risks getting sucked into a lifestyle from which he may never return."
"A day trip to the big city turns into a dangerous nightmare for Mark, Andy and Molly when they get lost in a rough part of Charlottetown."
"When Mark is kicked out of a coven of witches for creative differences, he vows to destroy something Andy holds dear."
"After Rollie suffers yet another heart attack, Andy hires a caregiver who seems perfect."
"Andy wonders what his life would be like without Mark, leading to a series of dark events that could change his life forever."